Friday, February 11, 2005

Reax to Gay-Marriage ruling...

Originally Posted 2/5/2005:
~7:19pm~ EST

"GAY NUPS AND THE CITY"...OR NOT: I said on the broadcast late in the third hour that it was pretty evident to me that late Friday was the ideal time for Judge Doris Ling-Cohan to quietly release her ruling mandating marriage licenses for same sex partners.

We jumped on it as quickly as we could on Friday. Scott Sala from SlantPoint broke the basics of the story. Maggie Gallagher called us and added some additional information about possible appeals. Dr. Joe Mattera promised the beginning of a process that will sound the call among the people of faith in New York.

But what about the press coverage of the matter?Well here's how it adds up roughly 24 hours after the ruling...MTV reports that the city might be somewhat delayed in implementing the judge's ruling...MTV also felt it was necessary to subject folks to this picture.The New York Daily News included this tidbit from the judge's ruling:

"Simply put, marriage is viewed by society as the utmost expression of a
couple's commitment and love," she wrote. "Plaintiffs may now seek this ultimate expression through a civil marriage."
(As if this narrow, tiny, even miniscule view of marriage encapsulates the entire purpose of this long-standing institution.)

The NYDN also speculates that the judge's action puts Mayor Bloomberg in a quandry.Of course bloggers began talking it up - mostly lefty blogs in total support of gay marriage. But legal blogger Balkin, who in fact does support same sex marriage, even said that the legal foundation for this ruling is thin - he even speculates/implies that it probably won't hold up on appeal.


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