Sunday, February 13, 2005

Marriage Watch: Massachusetts Reverse Gay Marriage?

Is the state that got the entire debate over the legalization of redefining marriage to include same sex unions about to overturn its original ruling?

Probably far from it, but the fact that the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court is ready to hear from opponents to its original controversial decision is at least a good sign. The opponents had originally filed for a hearing within the 180 days after the SJC made its ruling, but a single activist judge spiked the appeal. Over the last number of months however the appeal has made its way through the courts and as of today the Boston Herald reports that the SJC has agreed to hear the case...stay tuned.

Meanwhile on the West Coast, last year's poster child for "Activist Mayor Willing to Break All Laws At Any Cost" San Fran Mayor Gavin Newsom is criticizing NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg for not adopting his same bravado.

"People don't like politicians, and now I know why," he said. "If you think you believe something, you've got to act on it. If you don't believe in it, don't
act on it. But don't say you believe something and then do everything to stifle that belief."

Actually - while many on BOTH sides of the marriage issue are quite put out with Bloomberg at the moment. What we really hate more than anything is activist politicians and judges - who break the laws they don't like when it serves their political purposes - like Newsom.

Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting has released this analysis of how the redefinition of marriage to include same sex unions has been covered by the press. Even though it is written from fairly pro-same-sex-union viewpoint - it is an interesting read all the same.

The Denver Post is reporting that Focus On The Family hopes to get the Constitutional Amendment to Protect Marriage on an additional 15 state ballots in 2006. They are even attempting the measure in their home state of Colorado which is working against both chambers of the state legislature - both controlled by Democrats.

Gay journalists are still trying to equate the plight of the homosexual in the redefinition of marriage to that of African Americans in the civil rights movement...not convincingly...In homage to Ted Kennedy and John Kerry - here's another "Fake Catholic Alert" know - politicians that claim faith but choose to not live it...

And this report demonstrates the significant wins on the pro-marriage side of the issue that were advanced this week across the nation...including Kansas, Alabama, Virginia, Indiana, and South Dakota.


At 12:04 AM, Blogger joshua said...

It was an interesting read. Thanks for putting this up.

This is Joshua from Israeli Uncensored News


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