Sunday, February 13, 2005

Democrats distrust voters on marriage...

The newest state to make headlines for forwarding the "protection of marriage" issue is yet another blue state from the American northwest.

Washington State will see two pieces of state legislation be argued over in the next few days. One of them a Constitutional Amendment to protect marriage, another to extend special rights to homosexuals in issues of housing, employment, etc.

What's at stake is the state's ability to uphold its own Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) from 1998. State lawmakers wish to pursue the Constitutional Amendment in the event that the state's DOMA is overturned. And on March 8 the State Supreme Court will consider an appeal of rulings as to the consitutionality of the DOMA.

Another resolution to be introduced will attempt to place the power to define marriage solely with the legislature. This would prevent the use of public money for any entitlements for couples (heterosexual or otherwise) whose marriages are not recognized by law.

On the other side of the issue, Democrats in the state legislature are trying for the 28th time in as many years to extend special preferences to homosexuals through codified regulation. HB1515 will give homosexuals "go to the front of the line" status - just because they enjoy having sex with people of their same gender. One of the proponents said.

"Fairness demands that we treat all our citizens equally"
I couldn't agree with him more. But unfortunately I don't believe the issue of who sleeps with who SHOULD be criteria for getting a job. And if a landlord is forced to subsidize homosexual behavior on his property - doesn't this make him complicit with the act. And doesn't that violate his conscience if his code for moral conduct does define such behavior as in fact immoral?

But the most important quote of the piece deals with the democratic party's trust of the voters of Washington.

"They're trying to push this even further than a ban on marriage equality," said Roger Winters of the Legal Marriage Alliance of Washington, a gay-rights group. "In this state, we have a tradition of being concerned about minority rights."

The Rev. Joseph Fuiten, president of Washington Evangelicals for Responsible Government, said the definition of marriage is one that voters - not nine justices - should get to decide.
"Across the country, what we're seeing is a reaction against the courts and a move against gay marriage," Fuiten said.
"The people don't want this," he said of gay marriage. "And if we voted on it here in Washington today, that would be clear. That's why the Democrats won't give the people a vote."

Nor have they given them a chance to vote on it - even in Massachusetts where the law now violates the popular will of the voters of that state...


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